Who are we?

Classroom Buddies Organisation (CBO) is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (Reg No: 181-064 NPO) formed in April 2015. The focus of the organisation is based on mentoring and tutoring Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 high school learners from disadvantaged schools with limited resources.

Our Mission


To make an impact in the education sector by developing relevant programmes that are sensitive to learner priorities and encourage their participation.

Life Skills

To nurture learners so that they gain a more positive sense of self and increased sense of competence, while gaining new skills and enjoyment from their academic life.

Our Vision

Become an Industry Leader

To be a life changing movement for learners from low income areas in South Africa.

Create a Movement

To become the most trusted, respected and sought after NPO in the education industry.


# One

Provide academic assistance to underprivileged learners that cannot afford extra lessons

# two

Assist underprivileged learners with funding opportunities in order to further their studies

# three

Mentor underprivileged learners

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