Together We Can Work Towards Limiting Youth Unemployment

We are a non-profit service organisation for African high school learners that recognises basic school education as a fundamental human right.

The organisation is made up of young people who are passionate about community engagement and changing the lives of their fellow peers. We are committed to the use of innovation in addressing the challenges impacting learners from disadvantaged areas who are in Grade 9 to 12. We do this by, firstly, gaining an understanding of the learner’s environmental interests and needs through research, and secondly by applying this information to design programmes that will improve the life quality for learners and their schools.

How Your Contributions Can Help Us Achieve Success

The organisation provides tutoring in all subjects from Maths to English and Accounting. Our tutors work on a volunteer basis, however, it is the responsibility of the organisation to provide transport to and from the sessions, as well as all supporting studying materials needed in the carrying out of their duties.

Your contribution will enable us to efficiently run our activities, provide necessary learning materials and equipment, and provide safe and reliable transport for our tutors.

Statement Of Need

Youth unemployment is a lingering problem in many countries across the African continent. The reality is that in South Africa, school leaving youth are not adequately equipped with the skills needed for the employment opportunities offered by a modern economy. There is also a mismatch of skills among the youth in the sense that there is a shortage of high-quality, experience-driven technical skills and abilities needed in the current economy. As a result, many students who do receive a tertiary degree, are still unable to find jobs because there is little or no  demand for their chosen qualification. The number of matriculates  who have the necessary grades and subjects to access programmes like engineering, medicine and accounting is significantly lower than the demand. We exist to close this gap.

Our objective is to enable and support more African learners from disadvantaged schools to development the academic and social skills which will increase their chances of being able to access tertiary education after high school. We would like to make a difference in the pass rate for key subjects such as Mathematics, Accounting, Physics, Life Sciences and English. Our role is one which seeks to ensure that equal opportunities are afforded to young people who may not have the privelege of attending private or model-C schools.

The key to our success is the satisfaction of all key stakeholders. We aim to actively stay in touch with the educational needs of Grade 9 to 12 African learners through continual informal and formal research and to look for the most effective ways to address them by involving learners, teachers, parents, government and business in arriving at a solution.

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